For Publishers

DWPA champions original research addressing the most coveted questions of today. As advocates for data-driven journalism, we connect your work with reporters who understand your topic. Outstanding data is high quality and resilient. In order to support your ambitions, we uphold a comprehensive, detail-oriented methodology to ensure that the research we distribute is authentic and fool-proof.

Please consult our methodology guideline to make sure that your work meets our requirements.

How It Works

1. Consult Our Guidelines

Our relationship with the press begins with high-quality research. Please Consult our methodology guidelines to make sure you’re on the right track.

2. Submit Your Dataset

Once you’re confident with your work, contact us about your research and submit your dataset, and who you want to reach.

3. Authentication Process

Now it’s our turn. Our data analysts will review your work and ensure that it abides by our guidelines to receive our seal of approval.

4. Your Work Is Shared

We will contact you after we have examined your research, and will tap into our expansive network of journalists to share your work.