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With the wide availability of data, we know how hard it can be to source authentic information that is relevant to your work. Whether you’re looking for something specific to your field or want to reach out to a broader audience, we’ve got the research to inspire your next story. We provide data-driven journalists with access to the latest datasets so that they can spend more time making breakthroughs. We’re here for you whether you’re seeking information on-demand, or want to be a part of our database to be the first to receive all of our exclusive studies tailored to your needs.

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Our database includes over 170,000 journalists coming from 170 countries. Sign up to receive relevant datasets for the topics you cover, where you can select an unlimited amount of specializations.

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When we have a dataset that we believe will be useful to you, your designated contact person will write to you telling you all about it. You are welcome to use these datasets free of charge, at no additional cost.