At the Data Wire Press Agency (DWPA), you will have the opportunity to use your skills to uphold journalistic integrity and support new, innovative research. We believe in an accountable media industry powered by data, and work with specialists to help readers reach informed conclusions. We’re invested in working with talented individuals who have proven their competence, commitment, and ambition. When you join us, you’ll be a part of an international, collaborative environment committed to empowering transparency and communication.

You won’t just be working with us, you’ll be working with over 170,000 journalists and researchers worldwide who believe in advancing the news industry online through technology and media.

As an equal opportunity employer, we strive for diversity and inclusion in the team, and encourage qualified individuals from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, including those with disabilities, to apply and become a part of our agency.

Flexible work environment

At DWPA, we believe in leading rewarding lives both at home and at work. Whether it be family, hobbies, education, or traveling, we want you to have the time to do what makes you feel content. Through providing flexible working hours, remote opportunities, and comfortable office conditions, we want to cultivate a positive and welcoming workplace environment.

Equality and independence

As an international team, we share different philosophies. However, we believe in the strength of our differences, and encourage you to share your opinions. We are ferociously independent, and ensure you that your voice is respected and valued.



Media Relations Correspondents are responsible for cultivating relationships between a client or a company and members of the media, such as reporters, editors, influencers and content creators.

We’re looking for a hard-working and organized intern for our Press Relations department. This position is ideal for someone willing to discover the world of Media Relations and is interested in Journalism and Media as an industry.

Tasks Include:
  • Creating, Developing and Nurturing your own sets of Press contacts across various industries.
  • Answering Reporters’ Queries about the various Datasets we distribute.
  • Translating and Distributing Press Releases.
  • Assisting in the elaboration of our Outreach Campaigns.
  • Studying a degree (or equivalent) in Journalism, Media, and Communication/similar field or showing intense interest in the industry through personal projects and hobbies.
  • English communication and writing skills are required. German is not required. Office conversations and meetings are all held in English.
  • A positive can-do attitude, an eagerness to learn and take on responsibility and a willingness to jump in and help, even if a task is outside of your usual remit.
  • Organizational skills and time management is crucial, as is the ability to keep your cool under pressure.
Great to Have:
  • A second language that you feel comfortable enough to write and communicate in.
  • Basic Knowledge of Google Docs/Sheet (If you know how to use INDEX and MATCH, that’s already good.)
  • Being at ease with computers and willing to learn new software.
  • Experience with Journalists or Press relations contacts.
  • Personal projects to flaunt.
What We Offer:
  • Guidance from multiple experienced team members.
  • The opportunity to learn how to use industry-leading tools and softwares and world-class outreach processes.
  • A fun and friendly working environment that values personal and professional growth.
  • An office in Alexanderplatz, with free coffee, fruit, and cereals.
  • Financial Compensation.


To apply for the Media Relations Correspondent Internship position, please apply with your CV and a short cover letter telling us about yourself and explaining your motivation for this role. Feel free to add a portfolio/website or share any story/past projects you think would help us understand you better.