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Journalists are constantly looking for the next groundbreaking story, and our clients have the intel to inspire them. At the Data Wire Press Agency (D.W.P.A.), we understand the potential our clients have to reshape knowledge and address the most prominent issues today. Built on trust and authenticated information, we have partnered with leaders in the industry to advance information to uphold journalistic integrity.

In addition to refining journalism, the accessibility of data requires the right network for those wanting to strive in their fields. The oversaturation of information demands the need for a filtration system to prevent data from being overlooked. Well aware that journalists seek credibility, our data repository caters to our clients by making sure that their work reaches the right, trustworthy journalists who know how to approach their intel.

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At home, we like to keep…

63 %

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And if we could choose, we would live in the…

Some of us like our pizza cold

Some of us would rather be rich than powerful

And some of us would seize the opportunity to be the first colonizers of Mars

We are loyal to

We have a pretty even balance between tea and coffee.

In our team everyone has their own beliefs and they tend to represent 63% of the world population.


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